QOpenImagine - current status and version history

version 0.6.0 released at 29-06-2013
first 64 bit version

new user features:

Open GL based 360 interactive panorama preview

Web GL / HTML5 export of 360 interactive panoramas

Processing steps report

First localized version for german language

new technical features:

64 bit

discontinued features

QuickTime VR export is removed due to (a) no longer supported by Apple, (b) allows only 32 bit, (c) only available for Windows and MacOS, it is replaced by above mentioned platform independent and 64 bit capable WebGL export

version 0.5.0 released at 18-05-2011
first major feature complete version

new user features:

new calibration method for finding center using circle equation estimation and Gauss RMS method via interactive user settable points

batch processing for complete panorama creation workflow

brush tool

exif data are now also saved

new technical features:

complete repackaging and refactoring according to Model-View-Controller architecture

for fast fourier transformation now fftw3 is used

for exif reading and writing now exiv2 lib is used

macosx: stand alone application bundle creation now exists

fixed major bugs

macosx now allowes export of QucikTime VR movies again